FERAL PIG ULTRA – The ONLY locations for Crews and Spectators to access

We are incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to run the Feral Pig Ultra along the Bibbulmun Track. But importantly to note, it is also in a water catchment area, and we have STRICT regulations to adhere to. Therefore, we have composed a list of locations that crews and spectators can cheer on their runners. Please do not access any areas outside these areas as it goes against our licensing conditions and could likely prevent future approvals and may WILL result in fines to vehicles in water catchment area.

Sullivan’s Rocks Aid Station (100 milers only) Please use EXTREME care whilst crossing the highway and park well into the carparks so buses have areas to turn!!! – google map directions click here

Brookton Aid Station (100M, 100k & 50M). Please use EXTREME care at highway and part well off into the carpark so that buses have places to turn. – google map directions click here

Mt Dale Aid Station (100M, 100k, 50M, 50k). Park well off the side of the road and leave plenty of space for vehicles to get passed. – google map directions click here

Feral Village @ Perth Hills Discovery Centre (all distances). google map directions click here

Camel Farm (100M, 100k, 23k) – google map directions click here

Jorgensen Park – (100M and 23k start) – google map directions click here

Spectator may also wish to hang out at the Mundaring Weir or the Mundaring Weir Hotel if the timing is suits. Please note that NO AID can be given to the runners at this area as it is not in an aid station area.